Star Wars: Tales of the Old Republic

On the opening night of the game, the three characters were all located on Coruscant. Through a few arena battles, two of the three were introduced when they were captured by Mandalore and his small crew of Mandalorians. A bounty had been placed on Gargar’s head, and Mandalore had intended on cashing in the bounty. That was when HK-0, a protocol assassin droid cut a swath through the Mandalorians and got off a lucky shot, igniting the power cells on Mandalore’s armor. The ignition resulting in a small explosion, that completely destroyed Mandalore and his armor.

The three then returned to Gargar’s estate where HK-0 was paid his reward for rescuing the young Noble, and Keldarith (Statement: I must acquire the correct spelling and edit this) returned to the Jedi Temple to report what had happened to a Master, for his master, Jedi Master Nobi Varido, was off-planet dealing with a mission for the Council.



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